Testudo graeca nabeulensis (Tunisia/North Africa)

Tunisian Spur-Thigh

Adult Size

The smallest of all the Greek subspecies, the Tunisian Greek Tortoise barely makes it to 6.5" in size, and that's an adult female. Adult males trail behind at about 4.5" in size. They barely exceed a weight of 1.5 pounds.


 High in fiber, rich in calcium, and low in protein. Weeds, broadleaf greens, flowers, optunia cactus and optunia fruit. Organic store-bought greens and Mazuri on occasion. No fruit - too high in sugars. Juveniles need more calcium.


Because this subspecies comes from a desert environment, it does not require much humidity and should be kept drier than other Greek Tortoise subspecies. Too much humidity or exposure to wet environments will result in poor health and respiratory infections.


This subspecies is considered to be the prettiest of the Greek Tortoises. Heavy black pigment accompanies a yellow to almost white base color on the carapace and plastron.


The Tunisian Greek does not brumate, and instead must be kept indoors in a warm and dry habitat.

Natural Environment

Tropical semi-arid habitat.