Tunisian Spur-Thigh

Adult Size

The smallest of all the Testudo graeca subspecies.

Males can reach 4-4.5" (10 to 11 cm).

Females generally grow 5-5.5" (12 to 14 cm).

Their weight averages 1.5 pounds.


 High in fiber, rich in calcium, and low in protein. Weeds, broadleaf greens, flowers, optunia cactus and optunia fruit. Organic store-bought greens and Mazuri on occasion. No fruit - too high in sugars. Juveniles need more calcium.


Very little humidity. Must be kept in a warm, dry habitat.


This subspecies is considered to be the prettiest of the Greek Tortoises. Heavy black pigment accompanies a yellow to almost white base color on the carapace and plastron.


The Tunisian Greek does not brumate, and instead must be kept indoors in a warm and dry habitat.


A desert-like habitat is required. Keep out of overly humid or wet environments.