Testudo graeca marokkensis

Northern Moroccan

Adult Size

Males weigh up to 500 grams.

Females weigh around 1,000 grams.


High in fiber, rich in calcium, and low in protein. Weeds, broadleaf greens, flowers, optunia cactus and optunia fruit. Organic store-bought greens and Mazuri on occasion. No fruit - too high in sugars.


Very little humidity. Must be kept in a warm, dry habitat.


The carapace generally has lovely blotches or "radiated" markings. There are darker and lighter specimens.

Darker specimens are usually found in northern parts of their range. Those found near places like Agadir possess lighter, more beige coloring.


This subspecies does not brumate but can slow down its activity for a brief time. It is best to bring indoors and continue providing proper lighting and heat.


Dry-dwelling. Lots of vegetative cover. Can tolerate cool temperatures if kept dry.

Testudo graeca marokkensis Care Sheet

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