Testudo graeca cyrenaica

Libyan Greek Tortoise

Adult Size

Males grow 6-6.5" (15 to 16 cm) in size.

Females reach at least 7.5" (19 cm) in size.


High in fiber, rich in calcium, and low in protein. Weeds, broadleaf greens, flowers, optunia cactus and optunia fruit. Organic store-bought greens and Mazuri on occasion. No fruit - too high in sugars.


Very little humidity, must be kept in a warm, dry habitat.


They are marked by a yellow base with black dalmatian-like spotting all over the carapace.


This subspecies does not brumate and must be kept indoors with sufficient lighting and heat during colder weather.


Hot, dry desert. Keep out of overly humid or wet environments.

Testudo graeca cyrenaica Care Sheet

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