The sweetest Greek torts you've ever seen!

We have Russian torts too!

The sweetest Greek torts you've ever seen!

We have Russian torts too!

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Greek Subspecies


There are many different subspecies of Greek Tortoise in the world, and many are not common in the United States. We are currently raising hatchlings of different subspecies, adding a few subspecies to our collection each year. 

Once our hatchlings have reached adulthood, they will be bred to help offer captive-bred babies of these subspecies to the world.

The current subspecies of Greek Tortoises we are raising include:

Testudo graeca terrestris (Mesopotamian/Jordan)

Testudo graeca ibera

(Asia Minor/Northern Turkey)

Testudo graeca ibera

(Asia Minor/Ankara Turkey)

Testudo graeca marokkensis

(Northern Moroccan)


Testudo graeca soussensis (Southern Moroccan)

Testudo graeca nabeulensis (Tunisian)

Testudo graeca terrestris (Bodenheimer's Floweri)

Testudo graeca graeca (Moorish)

Testudo graeca terrestris (Lebanon)

Healthy, Pure Bloodlines


Our tortoises come from the purest bloodlines available for each subspecies. The parents of our personal hatchlings were imported straight from the source, then raised and bred here in the United States.

Our Hatchling Care

Hatchling Husbandry

Russian Tortoises

You can learn about Russian Tortoises and meet our breeding adults here!


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